Everyone has something to give.

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out it.”  –Albert Einstein

The growing needs of our friends, neighbors and communities are everyone’s responsibility. These days, it may seem like many things are out of our control.

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United Way of Kitsap County is the most efficient, effective and convenient way to meet your philanthropic goals, support the community and achieve results. No other organization can compare as a partner for workplace philanthropy.

Most important is the impact that United Way has locally.

United Way brings together businesses, nonprofits, government, experts, and volunteers to identify our most pressing needs, invest in long-term solutions and improve people’s lives. Here in Kitsap County, United Way is meeting today’s needs and investing in the future of our children, our families and workers, and our whole community.

A lot of research and thought go into how United Way invests your dollars. Our goal is to create solutions to the most critical problems in our community. So we carefully study social conditions and the hundreds of different services available to determine the best use of resources. We monitor programs that receive funding to ensure donors’ contributions are making the greatest possible impact.